Dev Status

If you report of a bug, a crash or other forms of disfunction please provide as much information as possible (under which conditions, after which amount of time, after application of which parameters etc.). A single info such as “it crashes” or “it does not work” is completely useless to us. Ideally provide a short screen cast of what is happening on your machine as this is the most effective way to figure to actual problem.

Current Soundjack version (Released August, 28th 2020):

Currently priorizized requests:

  • integration of OSC data (for MIDI and Ableton link)
  • solving casual connect/disconnect issues
  • IPv6 support
  • inbuilt metronome
  • 96 kHz and 192 kHz support
  • Video debugging on Linux and improvement on OSX and Windows¬†

Not scheduled yet:

  • 32 bit Linux version
  • Casual ID user list conflicts
  • More mixer features such as panning
  • implementation of a streaming server
  • MIDI Support
  • communicate user status (waiting for calls, private, auto decline)
  • iOS / Android implementation
  • profile features such as instrument, availability etc.
  • implementation of a VST interface